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Obama’s Experience

Posted by nonanswers on September 2, 2008

Tucker Bound, McCain spokesman, goes on a tirade about  Obama’s lack of experience  when asked about McCain’s pick of VP Sarah Palin’s one major accomplishment.  If anything McCain’s pick of Palin shows his lack perception and judgment, a reactionary move post a very successful DNC convention.

Here is a chart that puts Obama’s experience into perspective

Here is also a year by year breakdown of Sarah Palin and Obama’s resume

Having posted all that, Barack Obama is not running this election on the platform of experience ( which he has plenty from community worker at south side Chicago to Illinois state legislator to Illinois Senator) but for his judgement and grasp of contemporary economic and political conditions.  His supporters have the understanding that when faced with a number or (extra) ordinary situations Obama will be make the best possible decision.


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