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ISNA 2008

Posted by nonanswers on September 1, 2008

ISNA 2008 Columbus, Ohio

I just came back from ISNA 45th Annual Concention at Columbus, Ohio.  I have never gone to an ISNA convention  before so I looked forward to this and greatly enjoyed it. Many people make comments about how much fitnah is present at ISNA conventions, well I did not see much  at all.  In my humble opinion Imam Suhaib Webb was the best at the convention.  He was pushed in a major way by ISNA this year, Alhamdulillah. He had many insightful things to say to us, American Muslims and we need to listen to him carefully. I also enjoyed Keith Ellison and Andre Carson’s presentations/Q&As on Saturday afternoon.  The room was packed with 800 to 900 people. Of course  Sh Hamza , Imam Zaid among others were great too. It was hard getting seats upfront because some individuals would “hold” dozens of seats around them for their families and friends.

I recorded some of the lectures which I intend to put up online with short comments and reflections in the coming weeks. Please check back often for updates.


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